Architecture in motion

Remember Pina, the motion picture by Wim Wenders?

It was one of those movies that made a life changing impression on me.

Not only because of the poetic choreography by Pina Bausch.

Not only because of the tantalizing soundtrack with music by Jun Miyake.

But also because of the architectural gems you can discover throughout the movie. One of these being the space with the gigantic windows somewhere in a park (picture above).

Thanks to a friend of mine I discovered where this “space” is located: Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden in Wuppertal (Germany).

The park is the property of Tony Cragg, a British sculpturer. When visiting the park you are surely able to discover his work. But also this rather strange building, Villa Waldfrieden.

It is a building with a very organic feel about it, designed by Franz Krause. Krause was not only an architect, but also an interior designer and painter (source). The building offers stunning views through again… gigantic windows:


Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden
Hirschstrasse 12
Wuppertal (Germany)

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