My 2013 resolutions part 2 – Venice

After a trip to Wuppertal in the spring, I’m planning to visit the 55th Art Biennale in Venice, Italy. Although the city is generally associated with old architecture, I’m off on a quest to discover contemporary architecture.

Normally when travelling through Europe, I would take the train to Venice. But every rule has it’s exception  This time I will be travelling by airplane. I really hope I can find some clues to the Venice Gateway designed by Frank Gehry to connect Marco Polo airport with the city of Venice.

I can’t wait to check out the art displays at the Giardini site and the Arsenal. I imagine they are the perfect setting to blend the old with the new. At the Piazza San Marco I will definitely check out the Olivetti Shop designed by Carlo Scarpa. The pictures published about this shop on Daily Tonic are breathtaking if you ask me. Carlo Scarpa is thé architect I’m looking forward to discover through his architecture at the Palazzo Querini Stampalia. Scarpa was one of Mario Botta‘s thesis advisers. The bookshop and cafeteria of the same Querini palace have been designed by Scarpa’s student.

And of course I will not fail to pass the very contested Ponte della Costituzione bridge by Santiago Calatrava. I’m a big fan of Calatrava’s designs, although as a fan I have to admit that his buildings sometimes completely ignore their context. In this case, Calatrava ignored the fact that people with wheelchairs and older people have to be able to cross the bridge. I find it intriguing that sponsors are willing to invest in such constructions without even questioning whether their billion dollar project is able to stand the test of its confrontation with social reality. Luckily, in this case elevators have been constructed to solve the crossing problem. Hopefully they go well with the original design…

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