A day in New York

Stating that I “like” New York would be a slight underestimation. As I stated a few post ago, the City feels like a second home to me. I stumbled upon a fantastic project by Samuel Orr New York Day that I would like to share. It’s a beautiful short film where you can experience a day in New York, created through time-lapse photography.

Make yourself comfortable and take a virtual trip to the City that Never sleeps:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/60221220 w=600]
If you enjoyed the video: Samuel is planning to make a film presenting a full year in New York ” to capture this spectacle and to create (through time-lapse imagery and sounds) a film that is exhilarating (and just plain fun!) as it presents a year in the life of the greatest city on Earth.”You can support Samuel via Kickstarter to make him realize his new project: New York Year!

I think it’s a great way of documenting our current time using a thrilling contemporary technique. I already made my pledge and hope he reaches his goal.

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