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Iconic buildings are more than bricks that turn into a building. They are materialized poetry, parts of a landscape that alter that landscape forever.
With this blog I would like to present some of the buildings I would like to visit or have visited before. Maybe sometimes I will write a bit about furniture, which of course cannot exist without the architecture for which it is designed.

The author

I am very much inspired by beauty that surrounds me: architecture, (contemporary) art, dance, movies, music, even a bit of poetry. I’m blogging since 2008. Not very systematically, but always on the lookout for cool stuff to experience and to share.

Some demographics: 40something, girl geek, urban explorer and living in Antwerp, one of the cities where you can find a lot of Modern architecture, which happens to be my favorite kind…

You will definitely notice that English isn’t my mother tongue. I chose to write this blog in English to be able to share my enthusiasm for architecture with a lot of people, so please forgive me (but DO correct me!) for linguistic errors in this blog.

— Cheetah Explores, November 2012

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