We. Love. LEGO. Architecture.

LEGO Architecture | Big Ben

Since a few months, my nephew and I discovered LEGO architecture. To be honest, I discovered it years ago, but now my nephew is old enough to build the LEGO landmarks together (how’s that for an excuse?). And there’s no holding me back now. But back to LEGO: we love it! We started with an Eiffel Tower, then we moved on to Fallingwater and this weekend we tackled Big Ben.

When making our buildings, my nephew and I have the following deal: he is the master builder and I deliver the stones. An arrangement that works fine by me 🙂 The box always includes a little book where you can find some background information on the building at hand. Always nice to know some background information on what you’re building. Although I must admit that we usually start building immediately and then afterwards read more about the little gem that is standing before us.


These are our little works of art:

I’m definitely not the only LEGO architecture lover, I found lot’s of Youtubes on these small landmarks. A lovely one on Fallingwater: